Friday, September 01, 2006

Out Of The Closet

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the truth was revealed. But I feel it is my duty to my friends and family to finally admit something that only a very few know. Those that do have been supportive and understanding and I appreciate this so much. Without them, I don’t know who I could talk to about this, “coming out”.

I am a fan of Project Runway.

I am a married, straight male and have gone as far as recording episodes if they would have been otherwise missed. At the earliest opportunity, generally the next evening after a new episode is recorded, dinner is eaten while watching.

I have been a fan of PR since the first episode from the first season. I did not tell my wife about this but she soon learned about this after walking in on me and asking, “What are you watching?”

I hushed her into silence until the commercial break came. Then the stammering and stuttering started. You would have thought I had just got busted watching kiddie porn. But once the words came out in order, the flood gates were opened. My gushing proved to be enough for her to join me and we were hooked. During and after each show, we talk about it and how good or bad the designs were that week.

The reasons are myriad for my fandom. The soap opera antics of the designers are amusing. The comments of Tim and the judges are often funny. Or bitchy, which can also be funny. The models are hot. The clothes and designs are often fascinating and engaging. It’s fun to out-guess the judges and honk at the bad outfits. But mostly, it’s watching talented, creative people engage in the whole process of, well...of creating. The challenges are met with varying degrees of success and I thoroughly love watching it all play out.

Of its kind, I don’t think there is a better made show. It is great TV. It’s a show that can be talked about because there is some substance to it all, or so it seems to me. There is something tangible that can be seen, touched and experienced. The outcome seems to matter a bit more because the winner (in fact even those lower on the list) is given additional opportunities to create even more interesting fashion designs with the promise of seed money to start their own line and/or job offers.

It also creates opportunities for viewers to discuss and decide what makes good fashion and see how the process works. In many ways, the show is somewhat like a true documentary rather than just a contest show. Unlike other “reality” shows where the competitions are based on being a lying shit head or merely stronger and luckier than your opponent, this show demands more. It’s great to watch a contest show where the truly talentless are "Auffed" and the smart, creative types rise to the top. The results seem more meaningful as a result.

Plus you get to watch young models get dressed.