Sunday, January 17, 2010

El Corazon De Sufrimiento: WIP

I'm on the downhill side of a mixed-media piece that will be comprised of three (maybe more) canvases. Not really a triptych in the traditional sense as each canvas could be displayed alone, but when grouped together create a more cohesive, interesting work.

I'm making it for the Vox Sacramento February Show, "Love: Let Me Count The Ways." Vox Sacramento is a non-profit artist that regularly host unique art-centric events all year. I will post more on Vox later, but I invite you to check them out, as they are a good group of dedicated, art minded folks.

I'm sending a few things in for this show and this work focuses on the incredible joy and devastating pain that love can bring. As you can see, it is still a work in progress.

The foundation is based on card #27, El Corazon of the Lorteria game. It was painted with acrylics.

Collage elements have been added to the foundation image. These elements consist of a vintage photo, a love poem fragment and an EKG of someone whose heart has stopped and then started again.

A carved wooden arrow has been added to the canvas as well as a few small words near the bottom of the heart image. A few more words will be added to complete the sentence before the entire canvas is coated with encaustic wax.
I will post additional photos as I progress on this canvas and begin the other two.
I guess better get busy, boys and girls.