Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Suzi Blu - The WWW Artist's Life.

I'm a little late to the party on many fronts, and certainly in regards to Suzi Blu. I've just discovered Suzi via a friend's blog and I was immediately taken with her enterprising chutzpa and on camera charm.

Ms. Blu is a self-promoted mixed media artist who has painted and videoed a way to make a living with her art. She sells her mixed media paintings on eBay, maintains an online journal and offers short art and journaling video lessons on her YouTube channel, Suziblutube.

Her art is charming, some of it a little cute for my taste (not all, some), but I just admire her whole approach to living the artist's life.

She claims that she wants to be the "DIY Internet Queen". And I think she may hold that crown at present.

Good for you, Suzi Blu. Long live the queen.

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maryjo mcgraw said...

Cool stuff and good to read anything you write Terry Lee!!!!