Saturday, February 09, 2008

Loteria Box - "Altered Art"

This March will mark the fourth year of teaching a short workshop on the Arts de Mer cruise. Mary Jo McGraw, Tim Holtz and Robin Knutson will also be presenting their cool stuff as well.

The theme this year is "The Game of Art" so in keeping with the theme, my workshop participants will be creating a box that can be used to hold game pieces, playing cards, ATC's or whatever else strikes their creative fancy.

The initial project was a paper-based box project, but given the time constraints involved and the complexity of proper box making, I changed course last month and began to look at various objects trying to determine if it could be altered into a box-like structure.

While in IKEA recently, I spied a pile of smallish picture frames and the project came together immediately.

The frames are stripped of everything except the actual wooden frame to serve as the box's top and bottom. The sides are made of wood lath, carefully cut to fit within the frame.

Chipboard, thin luan ply or mat board is fitted into the frame to serve as the box's lid and bottom. The lid should be collaged or enhanced before the rest of the box is painted.

Once dry, the box may be painted, finished or otherwise embellished as desired.

In keeping with the cruise's theme, I've used images from the Mexican game of "Loteria."

I love Loteria images and could almost see them used as a kind of Tarot, as each image seems to have a story to tell well beyond the label each one is assigned.

The legs of the box are made of chess pawns.

I'll probably touch up the finish as I got a little carried away with the "distressing" and I may place wee handles on each side of the lid. We'll see.

I've got to make a couple more samples in differing heights, but it is late and my muse is already snoring loudly in my ears.


tgarrett said...

What a fun looking project Terry and what a fun sounding venue! Especially when the wind chill here was -52 yesterday! I love the loteria imagery as well. Be well-

T2 said...

Thanks, T. I'll post some more images as soon as I get the chance.

Adriane said...

Hi Terry!

Thought I'd share with you my new weblog: which is basically the stuff that was on my One Sunday Afternoon blog, which will transition into my creativity coaching blog... what do you think of my logo design (see: I'm going to redesign the look of the blog and the website that I currently have at the address... and develop a new website for site (which now has nothing). Busy, busy, busy...

Hope you're doing well...! :)