Monday, March 22, 2010

Triptych: "El Corazon De Sufrimiento"

My triptych mixed media painting "El Corazon de Sufrimiento" was finished in time for the previously mentioned Vox Sacramento art show. It received some good notices from attendees and the press, all of which is a good thing. It did not sell which initially disappointed me. However, after it was returned I was actually pleased to have it for my own to display at home.

The two small canvases "La Dama Sirena" and "El Catrin Muerte" utilized a few image transfer techniques, collage and encaustic wax applications. The center canvas was similarly finished, but as mentioned in an earlier post included an acrylic painting.

The work certainly conveyed what I hoped it could. Love can be incredibly joyous but can bring unbelievable pain. Sometimes simultaneously.

Archetypal imagery was used throughout, although those archetypes have been altered and played around with just a bit as well. The inherent narrative was left somewhat accessible, I try not to be too enigmatic.

In addition to it all, I got to play around with Mexican pop culture imagery, which I appreciate and am drawn to much.

The other aspect of this exercise that was appreciated is that the deadline for a show can truly motivate me to "get the damned thing done" and live with the resultant work. Plan, execute and release.


nina said...

hey you......xx

T2 said...

Hey yourself. I should call you ASAP to catch up.

tgarrett said...

Hi Terry,
Fun work- miss hearing from you- I have new email:
Hope all is well- Spring is finally arriving here in the northland!

Skybridge Studios said...

Beautiful work!

T2 said...

Thanks so much. I am a big fan of your work as well. Good to hear from you.

Terry T