Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Basic Rules of Life - FINAL TIPS

Some Final Tips:

Get (or watch) a dog; they can teach you faithfulness and how to enjoy the fun aspects of life.

Get (or watch) a cat; they can teach you subtlety and how to enjoy the pleasurable aspects of life.

Travel; learn everything you can about other cultures, ways of living and faraway places. You will soon learn that the farmer in a small village in India has the basic wants, needs and questions as you do.

Memorize a poem or two; that way you have to read a few before picking one out. Poetry may be difficult to understand sometimes, but it’s worth the effort.

Learn a skill outside of your chosen profession; there is a confidence in being able to say, “well, if this doesn’t work out I can always build houses again.”

Watch a play, at least once a year; the only thing better than reading a play is watching it performed live.

Go to a museum, any museum now and again.

Call old friends once in a while, but don’t bug them. They’ve got their own lives now, too.

Fall in love. Get your heart broken. Fall in love all over again.

Learn to cook. Learn to clean. Learn to sort laundry and iron your shirts.

Take a hike. Watch a sunset. Watch the sunrise. Do this alone and then with someone else.

Pay your bills on time. Buy on credit as little as possible.

Pick up your own trash and don’t litter.

Grow something in a garden.

Learn to write letters. Write them and send them. This is becoming a lost art.

Learn to draw or paint or sculpt of otherwise engage in some sort of arts or crafts.

Appreciate your parents. They’re humans too. Learn what you can while they are still here. Remember, life is short and while they may oft time infuriate you, walk in their shoes for a while. You could learn a great deal.

Start saving money now. Sock it away and leave it the hell alone.

Be generous with your money. Take care of your own needs and then help as many people as possible with what you have left.

Over-tip breakfast waitresses. They work harder and faster than any other mealtime but the meals cost less.

Stay active, but learn to relax. Balance is the key to this.

Do the right thing. Always.

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