Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Basic Rules of Life - PART TWO

The Rules - Part 2

Treat women more equally
I suspect that because most men realize, deep inside that women are better than they are, they treat them as if they were not. Women should have the same opportunities and advantages as men in all areas of life. When they are denied these things we, as fellow human beings, lose a bit of dignity. Also, remember to give more than you expect to receive in all relationships, intimate or otherwise.

Listen to music
Music is a joy beyond words. Good music can transport you, create emotions and cause other internal changes that science cannot fully explain. It just happens. Turn off the TV and put on some music, any music.

Old music is better than new music
Good music is music that lasts. There's probably a good reason why some old music is still being played. New music may be fun, (and there is no harm in having fun), but classic and classical music works magic on the soul. It is not important that you understand the music, it is just important that you listen.

Buy a good stereo system
If you can’t go and listen to music being played live, invest in a good stereo system. Buy the system with your ears and not with your eyes. Flashing lights, fancy dials and so forth do nothing to enhance the sound.

Don’t watch TV
Reading is one of the great things about being a human. So far, no other species on the earth can read. Books, even relatively bad ones, allow you to shut out the rest of the world for a few moments. You can be alone with your thoughts and let your imagination soar with the words before you. The average book is better than most movies and is always better than even the best TV show. I could go on for three pages of why TV is the ruin of our modern culture, but let me summarize my feelings this way: It is better to sleep than to watch TV, unless you aren’t tired. You are better off doing just about anything else than sit in front of the television. When in doubt, pick up a magazine.

Watch TV By Appointment
If you must watch television, pick your programs, because there are a lot of really good shows on television. Make a conscious effort to choose those programs which you enjoy. Once the program is over, turn it off and do something else. I love TV but it can be an incredible time waster so make sure the time you waste is by choice and not by default.

Oh, I suppose I already said that. But it’s not a bad idea to mention it again.

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