Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's too late now, but...

I've been wondering if I shoulda had kids. Or a kid.

There have been times, many times that I was really glad I did not. But now that the years are bumping into me, I have begun to wonder. Again.

This is totally self-indulgent, I know, so please forgive.

In the last year or two, I've actually looked into adopting but dropped it without discussion with anyone, including Susan, as an idea that was probably selfish and desparate to begin with. The topic would come up in a round about way, and in the end decided that if it were to happen, it should have been at least 15 years ago.

I've been told I would have made a good father. Probably. Hopefully. But it's a waste of time and a bit selfish and self-focused to ponder that for too long. Maybe I am writing this to let it go? Hmmm.

Some of my younger friends are having or trying to have babies. I am really happy for them if it happens. It makes my heart sing when I hear of it. "Joy" is a good word.

To their little ones, I'd love to become a surrogate uncle if I could and I'm sure the parents will appreciate an easy mark for a baby sitter now and again. The only downside of allowing me to be a baby sitter is that they will be spoiled beyond reason. Fair warning.

So, young friends, have them babies, okay? There's some Uncle-ing to do!

And forgive an old man if he gets a little weepy around babies.


Arthag said...

I KNOW you would have made a great father. You are good with kids and have the patience of a monk.

Sissy said...

Ter- You would've made an excellent dad. I often wished there would be an "oops" so I could be an auntie to little Terrys (selfish, huh?). They would have been absolutely beautiful, bright, and lights of joy to a sometimes dismal world. Best part would've been seeing you get "out-thunk" by a three year old. Furthermore, Aunt T would've told them some pretty good stories and really get them spoiled rotten. Even tho holding the newest babies made you a bit nervous, they don't break, hon.
But sometimes life puts us on a path (or we choose it all on our own) that children simply aren't a part of the picture. Or we are given children that will change our lives in ways we never could've known otherwise. Actually, they ALL do that. Hey, just in case you get the urge to be a dad, mine are ALWAYS for rent. Cheap. I'll provide the food. And water. One of them is kinda a handful. You decide which one that is. BTW, it's never too late, my brother! I'd be the first to cheer you on- I'll babysit! I love you-

Rantz said...

Well Terry, if you are ever feeling the urge to be surrounded by kids, I'm just a ways up the coast, you can watch my four girls for a few hours... that's cure ya good ;)

T2 said...

Mr. Rantz,
If you get the notion to come to south county, get yourself and the fam down here. Susan and I can handle the chillens, or we can jack them up on Mountain Dew, chocolate and Barbie catalogs before sending them back to you.

Keep in touch and seriously, let's get together and go to or meet up at Nerd Prom this summer. If you don't mind hanging with an old fart, that is.