Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Simple Valentine

"I love you," he said.

He thought it inadequate to tell all he had to say. He wanted to say more, tell her how deeply he cared.

But it was enough, she thought.

Well, he recited his poetry and picked up his socks. Mostly. Some of the socks went missing for weeks and she hated it when he did his own laundry because he did such small loads.

That was enough, she thought. But there were other things.

He made dinner each night. And made extra so that when he traveled, she'd have some home cooked meals. He snored, but he made good chicken marsala.

He made her laugh. A lot. He listened to his gawd-awful music much too loud and couldn't carry a tune in a large pail, but he made her laugh everyday.

He liked to feed birds and grow flowers, both of which he did for himself. He tracked dog poo into the house, but his "garden of birds" was a place of solace, peace and beauty.

He kissed her for no particular reason. And rubbed her back without being asked. Both of those were nice, real nice.

And he lowered the lid on the toilet.

Yeah, that was it. He lowered the lid after he peed. She got hot just thinkin' about it.


artbroad said...

I want to meet the man who lowers the lid on the toilet after peeing and marry him immediately.

But, I think I am safe since he does not exist.

T2 said...

with training, all things are possible.

amanda button said...

indeed!!!! MY hub has learned that groovy trick, so i DO believe in miracles!

Hope your Vday was full of sweetness....

Wendee said...

My man reorganized my entire craft-supply-and-book-jammed garage last summer. Without judgement (or so he says). The whole garage. Oh my, when guys get it right, do they ever get it right. Hope you had a great Valentine's day.

T2 said...

We often see projects like organizing a garage as a challenge rather than a chore. It's like, "who's gonna or the garage? Well, pilgrim I can tell you one car shed is gonna get the best of me, no sirree-bob."

Once started, we will work until we are completely "finished", even if it doesn't look like what you had in mind. We'll carry on with cuts and bruises, "I ain't got time to bleed...there's craft supplies to put up!"

It's best just to let us have our fun and leave us alone until we allow you to re-enter the space. Thank us profusely, reward us with manly-based praise ("How did you lift that trunk allll the way up there, sweetheart? Wow!") food ("How about some fries with that big burger, baby?") and affection ("How about a shake with that big burger baby?") and then kick us out.

Only then can you safely make changes appropriate to your needs. Never while we are watching.

That allows us to stride away thinking, "Yep...another job finished to puuurfection!"

Honest, we aren't that complicated.

Wendee said...

Oh no, I know full well it was a challenge. I left the county until the guy was done. Are you kidding? He knows that I'm grateful. Trust me. I'm not remarking just on the task; but also the magnitude of it all. I'm a packrat crafty woman, after all. He is AMAZING.

Sadly, yes, now that all my stuff is safely tucked away, I have NO idea where most of the specific craft items ended up. It drives me crazy. But, boy, it all looks tremendous. And I can get my car in the garage and be able to open both driver and passenger side doors without knocking some pile of stuff over.

No, I'd never complain "OMG, men! They're so complicated!". I live in So Cal, so there are many things that so many still *are* (cough), but mine is solid, down-to-earth and genuine and I love him to bits.